Lee Wilson professional surfer in a large indo barrel and portrait standing in front of gray wall jpegDesignFoam for ThoughtSessions
November 24, 2018

Lee Wilson

It’s interesting that everything seems to cycle around. I’ve had a lot of requests from guys over the past year looking for designs that are closer to standard shortboards. So…
357 Surfboards jpeg image of precuts for a springtime orderUncategorized
November 24, 2018

Spring Foam Mining

The spring is my busiest time of year. I’m working the foam mine cutting preshapes for local shapers to enjoy. I put my Tyvek suit and dusk mask on. Look…
Nate Garza of the top lip slide 8th street Ocean City, New Jersey jpegFoam for ThoughtGeneralSessionsShaping
November 21, 2018

Nate Rips

Nate Garza rips and I made him boards for a little while. I haven’t heard from him in quite some time, but I’m sure he’s killing it somewhere. The picture…
Shaping machine cutting a shortboard jpegDesignFeaturedFoam for ThoughtShaping
November 21, 2018

La Machine

It seems that many surfers still think, on some level, there is a lose of soul or that shapers aren’t actually shaping boards that come off a machine. In reality…
3D Board with wire frame overlayDesignFoam for ThoughtShaping
November 21, 2018

Shaping the World

A Short tutorial using Precision Designer a free surfboard design software showing how to shape a board based on images. This a very common workflow for 3D modelers and it…
357 Surfboards contest winning iamge of AAA bateries, fiberglass cloth and an egg jpegDesignEventsFeaturedFoam for ThoughtGeneralPhotographySessions
January 14, 2016

It’s Time Contest Winner

WE HAVE A WINNER! Max Gawason of Monroe, NJ Congratulations Max! for this image that was a unique and interesting representation of 357. It touched my inner geek. 357 Surfboards…