This board was develope with large hollow beach break surf in mind, but I adjusted the design to make it more diverse. The five fin setup allows for the down the line speed of a quad or change to a thruster set up for control in less than perfect conditions. Low rail profile has great hold and sensitivity in good conditions, while the slightly wider outline provides float in choppy or disorganised surf. We left some extra volume under the chest to make it easy to paddle and provide speed in the barrel. The medium single to lite double keeps this board fast and stable in powerfull surf. Soft rounded pin tail and vee keep it extremely maneuverable and with holding power.


    *Don't be shy! Custom sizes available


    The Rounded Pin tail extends the rail line and smooths out the curve. This allows the board to have speed and holding power. This design adds resistance through your turns and helps smooth out your lines.


    Low profile rail provides hold and digs into the surface of the wave with ease. Gives the board more sensitive feel designed for intermediate/advanced ability.


    Standard with 5 fin configuration. Gives you the option of a quad or 3 fin set up. Your choice of FCS or Future plugs.


    This Board was design to perform in waist high to overhead waves. Will work in mushy waves but best suited for A-frame barrels.


    Polyurethane foam – more responsive in its performance and flex pattern. Creates a consistent traditional feel. The least expensive option, less durable.
    Extruded polystyrene foam – lighter weight results in ability to glass boards heavier making them more durable. More expensive process and is less responsive in flex pattern and creates a more sensitive feel.


    PU Glassing:
    4×4 oz deck (full patch), 4 oz bottom – light weight and weak
    4×6 oz deck (3/4 patch), 4 oz bottom – light weight and strong
    4×6 oz deck (full patch), 4 oz bottom – light weight and very strong
    EPS Glassing:
    4×6 oz deck (full patch), 4 oz bottom – light weight and strong
    6×6 oz deck (full patch), 6 oz bottom – light weight and extremely strong


    Carbon fiber
    Carbon fiber – will stiffen flex and create positive flex recoil. Helps prevent breakage and pressure dents from your feet.


    Cut-N-Run Rocker
    Exit Medium High Rocker

    Moderate exit rocker is a comfortable balance between drive and release. Suits the largest range of conditions and surfers.

    Mid Medium Rocker

    Moderate mid-rocker results in a board that maintains drive and maneuverability. Works well in waist-high to overhead surf and in the diversity of conditions.

    Entry Medium Rocker

    Moderate entry rocker is fast and responsive feel. Works well in a large variety of conditions and wave types.


    Cut-N-Run Hull
    Vee Hull Symbol

    Vee creates remarkable rail to rail performance. Helps compensate maneuverability for boards with a wider outline.

    Double Hull Symbol

    Lite Double concave directs water through the tail of the board. This concave provides, speed, lift and maneuverability. Performs best in hollow more powerful waves, where deeper concaves can begin to feel unstable

    Single Hull Symbol

    Medium Single directs water under the hull. Provides speed, lift and maneuverability. Performs in the broadest variety of conditions.

    Flat Hull Symbol

    Flat is generally used as the starting or ending point for all concaves. Flat is stable and fast without having much effect on performance but also has no draw backs.